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South Campus & Nathan Hale Inn

Nellie Louise Wilson Hall, Louisa Jane Rosebrooks Hall, Anna Mabel Snow Hall, and Rome Commons Dining Hall/Ballroom

Welcome to South Campus! South Campus is comprised of Rome Commons and 3 buildings with suite-style rooms. A typical 4-person suite contains 2 bedrooms, a common room, and a bathroom. Rome Commons contains one of UConn's premiere dining facilities, a ballroom, game room, community room, and mailboxes. South residents are academically focused and mostly juniors and seniors.

South Campus was built as a facility of top quality living and learning space. This residential area boasts private bathrooms and living spaces, ample common space, air conditioning, seminar space, and much more. South Campus is a residential facility that enhances the living/learning environment during the academic year and is utilized as an adult conference center during the summer months.

South Campus offers a unique living arrangement, as four students share a common sitting and bathing area. Students no longer have to worry about a broken thermostat, as the temperature is run by a central system controlled by the students. All rooms are equipped with fast, direct connections to the University computer network and the Internet.

Forty single rooms are scattered throughout the complex. Each has a private bathroom, or shares a bathroom with another single. Unlike the suites, there are no living rooms in singles. There are four person rooms in South Campus which are actually one very large room, not a suite. They are rooms that are large enough for four occupants and have access to a private bathroom just down the hall.

Students are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms and supplying their own toilet paper. Suites, rooms and bathrooms are inspected for health and safety on a regular basis. Bathrooms in doubles have two sinks, one toilet, shower, and individual cubby holes for each person's toiletries. Bathrooms in singles do not have shelves or cubbies.

Room Furnishings: Bed, chair, built in closet with shelves, desk/writing surface

Suite Furnishings: Couch, chair, end table

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Nathan Hale Inn

Residential Life is utilizing the Nathan Hale Inn to house students on-campus. These rooms are used to house students in triple rooms. Residents of the Nathan Hale Inn will have access to the laundry facilities in Snow Hall (South Campus).

Room Furnishings: Bunk beds (XL twin), three drawer dresser, chair/desk, closet, flat screen TV

Amenities: Housekeeping service, private restroom, access to Nathan Hale Inn gym and pool facilities

South Campus Fact Sheet
  • Residents: 710 (South), 41 (Nathan Hale)
  • Resident Assistants: 14 (South), 1 (Nathan Hale)
  • Co-Ed Floors, Single Sex Suites, Triples in Nathan Hale
  • Central Air-Conditioning
  • Floors: 4
  • Learning Communities: Honors (Wilson Hall), Nursing, Music
  • Dining: South Dining Hall
  • Laundry Information
  • Mailroom information
  • Recreation: Volleyball, Game Room, Patio
  • South Campus Room Information: 11 x 17 (11 x 15 with built-in closet); singles are approximately same size
  • Bed Information: XL twin (80" x 36"), loftable (homemade loft systems are not permitted); Nathan Hale Inn beds are bunkable

The original South Campus was constructed in the early fifties. The area was designed to house only women so it was decided that the buildings would be named after women of achievement. In 1995, South Campus was demolished and plans for a new area were born. The new South Campus consists of 3 residence halls and a central commons building, which is known as Rome Commons. The previous building names have been preserved as names of rooms within South Campus. The residence halls in the new South Campus were named for the first three female graduates of Storrs Agricultural School: Nellie Louise Wilson Hall, Louisa Jane Rosebrooks Hall, Anna Mabel Snow Hall.

Contact Information
  • Office Information
    Snow Hall, Room 128
    (860) 486-6964
  • Karen Lohr
    Residence Hall Director

  • Ben Jones
    Assistant Residence Hall Director
  • Nate Gordon
    Assistant Director, Residence Education

    Holcomb Hall Residence Education Office (Garden Level)
    (860) 486-0353
  • Report Maintenance Issues
    The Front Desk
    Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    (860) 486-9000
  • Room or Facilities Questions?
    Southwest Operations Center
    (860) 486-5556
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