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Housing Selection Central

Your one-stop-shop for housing selection information!

Housing Selection Tutorials & Information

Residential Life offers several tools to help you with the Housing Selection process. Check out our video tutorials and/or attend an information session to get the most out of this process.

Buying/Selling Selection Times or Eligibility

Students who attempt to, or who buy/sell their selection time or eligibility, including offering to buy/sell the opportunity to be pulled-in to a room, are in violation of The On-Campus Housing Contract and may have their housing selection eligibility and/or on-campus housing revoked or changed.

Individuals who have knowledge of these types of transactions can report this activity to livingoncampus@uconn.edu.

Room Reservation Fee

Selection Times

Earned credit hours determines the order in which students select a room. Seniors select first, followed by juniors, then sophomores, and then freshmen. When more than one student has the same number of credit hours, students select rooms in random order. Class standing by credits is as follows:

  • Seniors - 86+ credits
  • Juniors - 54-85 credits
  • Sophomores - 24-53 credits
  • Freshmen - 0-23 credits

Class standing is determined by the number of earned credits at the start of the Spring 2014 semester (recorded by the Registrar).

Priority in Housing – University Scholars and the incoming Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board receive priority in housing selection based on their academic status/ contributions to our residential communities. University Scholars priority has been given at least 15 years – RHA priority has been given the last 5 years.

Rooms Available for Selection

The most requested spaces on-campus are listed below, as well as the number of spaces that will be available during housing selection.

Most Requested
Areas/Room Types
Number Available for Fall 2014 Undergraduate Housing Selection
Males Females
Charter Oak/Hilltop
620 786
South Suites
Not including singles
149 154
Includes traditional and suite singles
100 134
Busby/Garrigus Suites
Triple Suites only
672 564

*Includes all available spaces including 4 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, and double efficiencies

Students Eligible for Undergraduate Selection

Class Standing As of February 24, 2014
Seniors 1,060
Juniors 2,880
Sophomores 2,956
Freshmen 2,166
Total Eligible for Undergraduate Selection 9,062

Housing Selection Tips!

  • Students can choose roommates of any class standing. As long as the student(s) is the same sex and eligible for housing selection, students can choose to live with whoever they want regardless of class standing. For example, a student with senior class status can choose a sophomore as a roommate.
  • The person with the earliest selection time should pick for the group. Students picking with a roommate(s) should have the person with the earliest selection time enter the system to pick assignments for the group.
  • Students unable to go online at their scheduled time have two options.
    • Option 1: Enter MyHousing at a later time to make your selection, or
    • Option 2: Request a proxy to enter housing selection at your scheduled time and select a space for you.

      To request a proxy, email livingoncampus@uconn.edu at least 48 hours prior to your selection time asking for Residential Life staff to serve as your proxy. The email must include the following:

      • Email Subject: Proxy Request
      • Full name
      • Student ID Number (PeopleSoft number)
      • Selection date/time
      • Rank ordered list of at least four halls/areas or room types you would hope to select.
      • A staff member will enter the housing selection at your scheduled time to pick a room on your behalf.

Housing Selection Timeline

January 24th
2014-2015 Housing Application Due* From Returning Residents & Students Returning in Fall 2014 from Study Abroad, etc.
*Late applicants placed on waiting list
January 25th On-time Applicants Missing Meningitis Verification Placed on Waiting List
February 14th
On-time Applicants Meningitis Vaccination Verification Due to Student Health Services
Those still missing meningitis verification on February 14th will not have on-campus housing for 2014-2015.
March 4th Housing Selection Kick-Off
Student Union, Room 104 – 12:00pm-7:00pm
March 7th
Campus Change Deadlines
Campus Change Approval and 2014-2015 Housing Application
March 10th Housing Selection Times Available
http://www.reslife.uconn.edu/myhousing/ > MyHousing
March 16th–22nd Spring Recess
March 25th-26th Same Room Selection
March 27th-30th Housing Selections For:
Honors Students
Learning Communities
March 31st Undergraduate Roommate Selection Begins
April 1st-13th Undergraduate Housing Selection
April 23rd
Room Reservation Fee Appeal Deadline
April 24th
Room Reservation Fee Deadline


Residential Life can only verity the accuracy of information on our own website and materials. Information obtained elsewhere may not be accurate.

We encourage students who have questions to email livingoncampus@uconn.edu.

Questions? Contact us!

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